These are my fried Sami's Custom Leather Converse. Sami is the lead singer and guitar player of My Glorius an incredible band from Vienna Austria. (Click the band name to visit their website).  The original pictures can be seen on the OriginalCyn home page. This picture was taken after about a year of pretty heavy wear that includes MANY stage performances.

Since these are leather, the paint tends to flake off in some of the places that have been flexed, rubbed and bent more than others, but all in all the custom paint job held up longer than the actual shoes (as you can see from the rubber piece that has separated from the sole). The smooth surface of the leather makes the customization slightly less durable than the canvas, but only slightly.  It makes me happy to know that Sami loved them so much he wore them all the time! I <3 My Glorious

Here is a shot of the shoes on stage in Germany. Danke Stephanie Klumpp for sending me the photo!

If you look closely you can see Gregor wearing his OriginalCyn custom converse as well. I don't have a picture of his after a year of wear, but hope to get one soon. The original picture before wear can also be seen at the OriginalCyn home page.
You are an original, your stuff should be too! 

Much Loved Gallery

Welcome to the OriginalCyn Much Loved Gallery. Here is where you will find pictures of previous custom creations that have been used to their greatest potential. Most of the images you will see here are "much loved" Chucks. This page serves two purposes... to show the durability of the customized pieces and to show just how much everyone enjoys displaying (wearing) something that represents their unique personalities.

If you are the owner of a pair of much loved OriginalCyn Chucks and would like yours to be displayed on this page, please send me your pictures. I would love to hear from you and  display your pictures here. I will update this page as new pictures arrive.
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